A.C.E from TakeOver Ent explains his creative process behind (Artistic.Creative.Energy) EP

"the mixtape"

” I’m So Fly ” – ft R Da Man

” Got Some Haters ” – ft R Da Man

” 40 Bars ” (Hol’ That) – ft Kris Payne

” What I Got (Working Title) ” – ft Outsane

” Somethin To Die For ” – ft R Da Man, Billy D Montana, Outsane

> A.C.E explains what inspired the mixtape and gave some insight on challenges he faced in the summer that brought him to this point. I was priveledged to see the transition that took place from him coming home for spring break to you working with  Kris Payne on “40 bars and “Back Soon” and then releasing the mixtape. Through out the summer I encourage him to ” keep making quality music don’t get discouraged.”
> Who is A.C.E?

A.C.E. is the embodiment of Artistic Creative Energy. A rapper, part-time singer, aspiring record producer, and entrepreneur.

> How did you come up with the name A.C.E?

Ace was a name originally given to me from a dude who rapped by the name of Nyce back in the day who’s label I was with.  Originally the name signified being the top of the deck, the best in a sense. When I originally separated the letters it stood for Angry Creative Energy and given the aggression level in my lyrics it made sense at the time. But as my flow grew the name grew to take on a new meaning. I started doing a wider array of kinds of records and really treating hip-hop music and rap as the art that it is. So the name came to reflect that as Artistic Creative Energy.

> What separates you from other artist?

What separates me from other artists is, first off my versatility, but more importantly, the perspective that I provide on my records.  Hip-hop is a reflection of life, and rap is the medium of which that translates into music.  So as an artist I do my best to reflect my experiences, my opinions, and how I see things that go on in my life in my music.  Rap is what comes natural to me, so I’ll always have my roots to hip-hop and rap music especially, but I want to continue to grow as an artist musically overall.

> What is TakeOverEnt and what impact will it have on the next generation?

When the record industry was at its peak record labels in short facilitated the music collaborations of many talented (at the time, young) songwriters, rappers, producers, video directors, choreographers, dancers, etc.  The result was an epic lasting impression left on our generation of classic and timeless music.  The decline of the traditional music business structure has given way to the collapse of that crossroad of talent in the new generation.  Everyone wants to do everything by themselves.  While that is turning out well for the individuals behind the latest “wave” the fans are suffering with fly-by-night get-rich-quick music. Hip-Hop and Rap music is a revolving door of a limitless amount of artists with very few taking the time and detail it takes to turn a artist into a star and a name into a brand of its own. TakeOver Entertainment is what that time of music did for the culture. It’s an intersection of all kinds of artistic talent dead in the middle of hip-hop. And more importantly a place where all artists can come to grow their music, their brand, and their career.

> What artist have inspired your sound or passion for music?

Michael Jackson, 2Pac, and Eminem…and many, many other artists, but namely these three for three reasons. Michael Jackson because, despite what your opinions of his personal life may have been, he was hands down the best entertainer ever, and his artistic ear was always in tune with what would connect with the people. All in all he is truly the king of Pop music.  He’s the personification of a performer, I mean he started when he was 5, that life was all he knew, and he was blessed to have the passion that he did for music.

2Pac was the first rapper that I ever shared a connection with when I listening to their music. And his flow influenced a lot of my first few songs I ever recorded. But it was the humanitarian in him that appealed to me the most.  The fact that there was always a message in his music that he wanted his fans to take away from it.  He never rapped just to rap, rarely made a song just to hear himself speak.

Eminem is my inspiration from a technique standpoint. He is in my book the nicest lyricist to ever spit.  He can rap about anything that he chooses. And when he does choose to rap about himself there’s an amazing level of transparency and he’s walking you through his life allowing you to understand his state of mind.

> How long have you been doing music?

I’ve been recording music since I was in the 9th grade, so I think that put me at age 13 going on 14. A good friend of mine by the name of E was producing beats and had a studio set up in his room.  He was the first one that showed me that you didn’t have to be in a big ol’ professional studio to make good music. I mimicked his set up and put together one of my own.  I’ve been recording my own music since.  Up until this point I’ve been self-taught when it comes to sound engineering and recording.

> What was the inspiration behind the mix tape? (Discuss the collaborations and creative process)

The creative process behind this mixtape was very organic.  I didn’t initially set out to put together a mixtape, but I was creatively active all summer.  I had been collaborating with OUTSANE and Kris Payne all summer and when R Da Man was back around, we spent about 4 days and in the studio and did about 5 songs.  By the time this summer was all said and one, I realized I had some real good quality material on my hands.  So I didn’t really have an overall vision in mind for the mixtape initially.  Each track has different inspiration and paints a different picture. And each track is the reflection of whatever creative vibe was present at the time in, out, and around the studio.

> What will the fans appreciate most about this mix tape?

Fans will appreciate this mixtape because each song is relatable in some sort of capacity.  Nowadays hip-hop is filled with music illustrating this glamourous life filled with club-going, bottle-poppin, Maybach-drivin, but how many people listening to this music can truly relate?  Each song on this mixtape, from the fun records, to the hard ones, to the introspective ones all retain a level of relatability to the listener. And not to mention the beats go hard.  They’re hip-hop at it’s best.  I don’t favor the plastic “soft” sounds that have found themselves in present day hip-hop music.  So suffice to say it’s a mixtape that’ll make good use of your sound system.

> What is your message conveyed in your music?

The message conveyed in my music changes from song to song.  But overall my message is to never let anyone kill your dream and put you a box that fits you into the system as we know it.  Perhaps my unorthodox view on life that translates in my records will wake up the minds of the listeners and create a shift in the way that they view life.  As my music and I grow, so does my message.

> How do you feel about the current conditions of the music industry?

Right now I think the music industry is in a big transition period.  As much as we’ve seemed to have comfortably adapted to the world of digital music, music is no longer producing enough capital to put dedicated teams behind artists to develop them as a brand.  Nowadays, it’s up to the artist to form a team to work with and for them.  Not an easy task considering people just don’t move with that same pep in their step if they don’t see immediate dollar signs involved.  The result of this is we’re seeing fewer and fewer artists hit the big time, and by the time they do they’re often to creatively exhausted to produce the same caliber of work that people are wanting to hear from them.  On top of that, no ones really daring to step out of the comfort zone of contemporary hip-hop and keep advancing the culture of rap and hip-hop music.

> What do the TakeOverEnt  fans and supporters have to look foward this year?

TakeOver Ent fans and supporters can look forward to a lot this year.  For one, myself Da God 6EE, and Mac de Don are all at work on our solo projects as well as some other surprises as well.  The whole TakeOver Ent camp has been honing their skills for the last year and some change.  Me and OUTSANE have a project in the works, so do myself and Mac, and me and Godfrey have Genisys material waiting for the fans as well.  Most of all, they can look forward to us taking our music to another level of reach and distribution.  As well as growing musically, we’ve been growing on a business side, which is allowing us to take our music to new heights and reinvigorate the game with some raw hip-hop energy.


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